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Expo FAQ > Game Sign-ups > Am I guaranteed I'm going to play my favorite monster game?

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We can not guarantee enough attendees will sign-up for the monster game of your liking. However, our commitment to monster-gaming enthusiasts is to offer the best venue possible to play that one monster game title you've always been aching to play. However, as is the case with nearly all monster games, a certain number of participants are required. For this reason, we actively promote your primary and secondary monster game choice on our Game Sign-ups page. In most cases, you will be able to play either your primary or secondary monster game selected, but obviously, some games may not garner as much interest as others, so you are free to change your monster game preference, or perhaps you may wish to participate in open-gaming instead. We also encourage you to promote the monster game you would like to play by participating on our Discussions. In fact, as recent as Expo 2007, we found one participant did a great job promoting his primary monster game selection (Empire in Arms) and quite a few attendees gravitated and signed-up to play this game!

Last updated on February 11, 2008 by John Kranz