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Based on sign-up activity for last year's CSW Expo 2010, the following monster game titles received the greatest amount of interest to be played. More than 30 other, smaller games were also played as part of our around-the-clock, open-gaming sessions.

  • 1914: Offensive à outrance (playtest)
  • A World at War (GMT Games LLC)
  • Advanced Squad Leader (Multi-Man Publishing)
  • Ardennes '44 (GMT Games LLC)
  • Asia Engulfed (GMT Games LLC)
  • Bataan! (Compass Games)
  • Battle for Normandy (GMT Games LLC)
  • Bloody Omaha (Critical Hit)
  • Case White (GDW)
  • Dai Senso playtest (Decision Games)
  • Dead of Winter (GMT Games LLC)
  • East Front Series (GMT Games LLC)
  • EuroFront II (Columbia Games)
  • Great Campaigns of the ACW (MMP/TAHGC)
  • Great War in Europe Deluxe (GMT Games LLC)
  • Highway to the Reich II (Decision Games)
  • Hurtgen Forest playtest (Decision Games)
  • Napoleon at Leipzig (Clash of Arms)
  • OCS Beyond the Rhine playtest (MMP/The Gamers)
  • OCS The Blitzkrieg Legend (MMP/The Gamers)
  • OCS Sicily (MMP/The Gamers)
  • RAF Deluxe (Decision Games)
  • Red Star Rising (Multi-Man Publishing)
  • Sport of Kings (Red Sash Games)
  • The Killing Ground + Overlord (New England Simulations)
  • The Supreme Commander playtest (GMT Games LLC)
  • The War: Europe 1939-45 playtest (GMT Games LLC)
  • Third World War series (GDW)
  • Three Days of Gettysburg (GMT Games LLC)
  • Totaler Krieg (Decision Games)
  • Twilight in the East (GMT Games LLC)
  • Wacht am Rhein (SPI/Decision Games)
  • Wellington's Victory (SPI)

This list is not comprehensive and does not reflect other monster-size games that were also played last year.

Last updated on January 8, 2011 by John Kranz