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Expo FAQ > Game Sign-ups > Which open-gaming titles were most popular last year?

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Based on sign-up activity for last year's CSW Expo 2010, the following game titles secured the most interest among participants.

  • Washington's War (GMT Games LLC)
  • Here I Stand (GMT Games LLC)
  • Combat Commander (GMT Games LLC)
  • Paths of Glory (GMT Games LLC)
  • Sword of Rome (GMT Games LLC)
  • Twilight Struggle Deluxe (GMT Games LLC)
  • For the People II (GMT Games LLC)
  • Napoleonic Wars (GMT Games LLC)
  • Empire of the Sun (GMT Games LLC)
  • Advanced Civilization (TAHGC)
  • Command & Colors: Ancients (GMT Games LLC)
  • Pax Romana (GMT Games LLC)
  • Wilderness War (GMT Games LLC)
  • WW2: Barbarossa to Berlin (GMT Games LLC)
  • A Victory Lost (MMP)
  • Shifting Sands (MMP)
  • We the People (TAGHC)
  • Age of Renaissance (TAHGC)
  • Breakout: Normandy (TAHGC)
  • Down in Flames (GMT Games LLC)
  • PQ-17 (GMT Games LLC)
  • Pursuit of Glory (GMT Games LLC)
  • Dune (TAHGC)
  • The Caucasus Campaign (GMT Games LLC)

Please note that 30+ other games were also played (from many publishers) as part of our popular open-gaming venue. And this number does not include the 15+ playtest sessions that took place last year. This list only scratches the surface.

Last updated on January 8, 2011 by John Kranz