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CSW Expo 2019 is the official annual event of ConsimWorld LLC. Please be sure to check-out these CSW services.

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Expo FAQ > General > How can I ship something to the event site for pick-up?

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If you need to ship any item(s) to the Expo for you to pick-up, we highly recommend that you ship items using a tracking label. If any boxes arrive more than three days prior to the event, the hotel charges a storage fee of $5 per box. Otherwise, there is no extra charge.

Please address your shipment as follows:

Attn: (your name), CSW Expo Hotel Guest
60 East Fifth Street
Tempe, AZ 85281
Hotel Phone: (480) 894-1400

Be sure to check with the front desk to see if your item has been received. It will either be already at the front desk (if it is a small item), or most likely it will be held in Receiving until you ask the front desk to locate it for you.

Note: If you need to ship items from the hotel, check with the business office located in the Main Ballroom Foyer area (closed on Sundays).

Last updated on June 1, 2015 by John Kranz