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Expo FAQ > Newbie Concerns > How tough is it to find players if I don't know anyone?

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Assuming for the moment that you don't frequent the CSW Forum where most of our attendees frequent, rest assured that our sign-up process helps facilitiate one finding others they can "buddy up" and game with. The Game Sign-ups page is specifically arranged to help gamers network and identify who has the same gaming interest as they do. The Attendees Page includes e-mail addresses for all attendees so you can contact them privately by e-mail. Furthermore, you can take advantage of our Discussions hosted here or on the CSW Forum topic to network with others. On site, we provide a whiteboard so attendees can promote which games they are looking to play, and we will make PA announcements to help gamers find playing partners.

Last updated on May 8, 2008 by John Kranz