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The focus of CSW Expo is to help gamers network and collectively celebrate the hobby we all have a great passion for. To help ensure everyone finds a game to play rather than "stand around" -- the registration process and this site help everyone network with others and find gamers with similar interests. In fact, for monster games in particular, gaming tables are reserved and assigned based on sign-up activity itself. If you do not see your favorite game garnering enough sign-up activity, you will want to try and be more flexible by pursuing a secondary gaming interest that may be shared by others. We will also do all we can to help network gamers looking to play a certain game -- but please keep in mind, what you get out of CSW Expo may largely correlate to what you put into it. If you are checking our Game Sign-ups page, and contacting participants by e-mail as listed on our Attendees Page, then you will be able to network prior to the Expo commencement date. We also host discussions here and on the CSW Forum to help you network with other participants as well. The rule of thumb is "don't be shy" when it comes to networking with others, and definitely don't be hesitant in reaching out for assistance prior to or during the Expo as it is our job to help coordinate game play for you! Finally, don't forget about the many, many special events and gaming activities planned, including 20+ playtest sessions featuring designers and developers eager to find willing participants, in which one can easily drop in on a moment's notice to participate in.

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