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Expo FAQ > Newbie Concerns > Is the Expo for local gaming folks only who have already have pre-arranged gaming plans?

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In a word -- NO! Consistent with being a national event, the vast majority, at least 80% of all attendees, reside outside of Arizona. The Attendees page provides a listing of all attendees by geographic location. Local gamers also comprise very diverse gaming interests -- whether it be open-gaming or monster gaming. The Game Sign-up page illustrates how the minority of local AZ gamers are spread across many different gaming activities. The majority of local gamers will be signing up for games that include participants who reside out of state. In fact, that is the rule rather than the exception. One of the greatest attractions for local AZ residents is the opportunity to meet, network, and game with attendees from across the United States (and beyond!).

Last updated on May 8, 2008 by John Kranz