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Expo FAQ > Newbie Concerns > What if I want to play a game I've never played before?

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CSW attendees are very open to welcoming newcomers -- whether it be to the hobby in general or for a particular game title. Keep in mind that one of the founding tenants for CSW Expo is our MonsterGame.CON venue in which we promote the opportunity for gamers to play that monster game for the first time that they have always wanted to play, but never got around to. In other words, don't let lack of experience with a given game title cause hesitation. We recommend you consider networking with others signed up for the same game(s) you wish to play if you are looking for someone who has experience to "show you the ropes". In more cases than not, the bigger gaming tables are arranged so that an experienced gamer is situation to help facilitate play. Keep in mind that ownership of a game is not required, and we have a wide range of special events, including 20+ playtest sessions, which involve no prior gaming experience.

Last updated on May 8, 2008 by John Kranz