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CSW Expo 2017 is the official annual event of ConsimWorld LLC. Please be sure to check-out these CSW services.

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Expo 2017 Game Sign-ups

Primary and secondary monster game selections, as well as any open-gaming titles selected for those who plan to do open-gaming, are listed below. The green background highlight is for games with two or more players signed up, with a darker green shade used to indicate a larger number of sign-ups.

Flex Monster Gaming Selections! For monster game selections only, we are allowing participants to pick up to two(2) secondary/alternative choices. We think this will help certain titles make the cut. Boldface Italics indicates a special event or tournament. Boldface indicates game designer also participating.

We encourage you to visit the CSW Forum topic to discuss your game sign-ups and general prep for CSW Expo 2017!

Game Sign-ups as of 26 March

If you are having difficulting viewing the sign-ups page, PLEASE CLICK HERE.