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CSW Expo 2016 is the official annual event of ConsimWorld LLC. Please be sure to check-out these CSW services.

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CSW Expo 2009 Group Photo


CSW Expo 2016 featuring MonsterGame.CON XVI will be held June 25-July 2, 2016 at the Tempe Mission Palms in beautiful Tempe, Arizona. What makes CSW Expo so special? Read the Overview to learn more!

Register online today. Early-bird special offer! If you register for the full event ($100) and submit payment no later than February 5, 2016, you will receive your Expo shirt for FREE!



Enhancements for Expo 2013

I'd like to share with you all what we plan to focus on in terms of changes or enhancements for CSW Expo 2013. The list here is based on my critique as well as attendee feedback. I think this will translate to a very positive and even better Expo experience!

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Ready, Set, GO!

We're pleased to announce that online registration is now available for Expo 2013!

Please note that the special events schedule as well as the Attendee and Game Sign-up Roster will not be posted for a few days as we process initial registrations. Also, please don't forget that if you take advantage of our early-bird registration offer and you officially register and submit payment no later than January 31, 2013, you automatically qualify for a FREE Expo t-shirt.

We expect to receive the online group reservation code for the hotel site next week and will be sure to provide this updated information once it becomes available.

We look forward to another terrific Expo 2013 event! We hope you will join us!


Gearing up for 2013!

Just a reminder that we are gearing up for our 13th year! Online registration will begin sometime shortly after the New Year. As always, the first to register online will automatically win a door prize and all who register for the Full Expo Pass during the month of January will get their expo t-shirt for FREE. We wish you all a Happy New Year and look forward to launching online registration shortly after 2013 commences. Until then...enjoy the holidays!


Thanks to All for a Great Expo 2012!!

That's a wrap, folks! I want to thank you all for a fantastic CSW Expo 2012. We just completed our event yesterday and I must say it was great to meet so many new participants and I hope you all had a memorable gaming experience.

CSW Expo 2013 is scheduled for May 27-June 2, 2013, and we hope you will save this date to join us again! Online registration will open Jan 2013. Until them, we'll keep up the list of attendees and game sign-ups here from this year's event so you can revisit who attended and what games were played.

Thanks again for a tremendous event!


Finalizing Game Selections

We've just updated our Game Sign-ups page and added color coding to help participants finalize their gaming selections. For monster game selections, any game with a green background has sufficient sign-ups to have earned a reserved spot in the Ballroom. For open-gaming titles, a blue background is listed for any game having at least two sign-ups, to help folks start pre-event coordination on the pick-up games they are looking to play (Tip: you can contact nearly any participant by finding their email address on our Attendees Page). We will be sending out an email notification shortly as a gentle reminder for folks to start finalizing their game selections. If your monster game has not yet made the cut, don't panic yet as folks will be encouraged to try and pick a game that is still needing sign-ups in order to be played (or one can simply join a monster game that has already earned a reserved spot).

Also, for those just worried about playing any game period, keep in mind we have drop-in tournament play formats for both Down in Flames as well as The Hunters. We also have numerous publishers and designers on hand who are looking to find participants when the festivities commence as well -- so we have you well covered. We will also make PA announcements and provide a white board to help drive game play as well.


Special Events Announced

We are pleased to announce we have published our listing of Special Events scheduled throughout CSW Expo 2012. We have a great mix of playtest sessions, tournaments, and seminars for you to enjoy and we will be looking forward to updating this list with even more activities as we get closer to the Expo start date.


Custom Expo Hats

Ric Van Dyke will be placing a special order this week for anyone that would like a commemorative Expo hat. The cost will be $30 and Ric will order them in size LARGE which should work fine for everyone. To place your order, please contact Ric directly Orders must be received by Saturday, April 14.



Nearly 150 Attendees Already!

We are ahead of schedule based on our current Attendee count from previous years. With nearly three months still to go, we should easily eclipse the 200+ Attendee mark and our past attendance figures. We now have 28 first-time attendees registered as well, which we are very excited about!

This weekend we will be adding Special Events so you can learn more about the initial seminars and tournaments that we have planned. In other news, we found out another gaming venue (sci-fi/fantasy) is taking place at the hotel the weekend prior to our event, so we will most likely not be able to set-up until Monday morning per our official schedule. We were hoping to grab an early start this year, but it looks like another gaming group has the hotel.


Lucky "21"

We are on track to break records at CSW Expo 2012. Our registrations are nearly 120 already, and the best news of all is we already have 21 (!!!) first-time attendees joining us. We are excited to welcome so many newcomers to our 12th Anniversary Event, and we hope to welcome many more!


Flying Start: More than 100 Registered!

"There must be something in the water." We're off to our fastest start in sign-up activity ever, far outpacing sign-ups from last year. We've just updated our Game Sign-ups and Attendee Page. One of the key indicators — in the first month of registration, we have 17 first-time attendees already registered to attend, which is nearly 20% of all who have registered thus far! This is very exciting news and we can expect an incredible turnout this year as we come together to celebrate the hobby.

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