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CSW Expo 2019 is the official annual event of ConsimWorld LLC. Please be sure to check-out these CSW services.

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About ConsimWorld Expo 2019

  • The Ultimate Gaming ExperienceCSW Expo 2019, featuring MonsterGame.CON XIX, has it all! The best and grandest games ever assembled, the most enthusiastic gamers and industry personalities coming together to celebrate the hobby, fantastic hotel accommodations and event facility, exhibitor showcase, seminars, game auction, flea market, breakfast speakers, TONS of door prizes, and much more.
  • Early Set-up on Saturday, June 22 — We're pleased to announce early set-up for CSW Expo 2019. The Grand Ballroom will be open on Saturday, June 22 @ 10am for early arrivals who wish to set-up and play early (bonus: if set-up is done quickly, we can open our doors Friday night, June 21 around 9pm). We won't begin our "official" Expo check-in with attendees until the following day, Sunday. This means an added day of gaming -- and those who can only visit us on Saturday, June 22 and through the morning of Sunday, June 23 can attend for FREE!
  • About MonsterGame.CON — The mission of MonsterGame.CON XVIII, a CSW Expo exclusive, is to provide a dedicated venue for one to participate in the monster game of their choosing. A single game title. With today's demanding schedule and responsibilities, many gaming enthusiasts find themselves hard-pressed to find the time or colleagues necessary to orchestrate such an ambitious multiplayer undertaking. Such desire is usually relegated to never-realized dreams, or result in games being played over a disjointed, extended period. But no more! ConsimWorld Expo delivers a truly memorable gaming experience, delivering the realization, "I finally got to play that game!"
  • Open-Gaming Nirvana — Not into monster gaming? Fret not! If open-gaming is more your speed (which is the case for nearly half our attendees), we have dedicated gaming space available to cater to those unable to attend the entire event or preferring to partake in multiple open-gaming endeavours. We typically play host to more than 30+ open gaming titles each year. If it's a wargame you are accustomed to seeing at WBC, you will definitely see it here!
  • An Incredible Venue — Here's a short list of special activities you'll experience at ConsimWorld Expo: Evening Welcome Reception, Game Demos and Sneak Peeks, Seminars, Special Gaming Events, Featured Playtest Sessions, Open-gaming, Breakfast After Action Reports, Flea Market Tables, Game Auction, Exhibitor Room, Evening Coffee Clutch, Door Prizes, and even more surprises in store for 2019!
  • Special Events Galore — Every year we host numerous special events and seminars, including our always popular Down in Flames Aces' Campaign and Strike Force One Tournament.
  • Register Today and Save! — Expo pricing is $100 for the full event, $60 for a 3-Day Pass, or $25 for a single day (payable at the door). Since we do not check-in attendees until Sunday, June 23 @ 2pm, attendance is free for those who wish to attend only the first Saturday through first Sunday morning of the event. Please visit our Pay Online page for more information on how to submit payment. The event site is the Tempe Mission Palms Hotel, one of Arizona’s premiere resorts in a prime location (also great for families), and we have secured an excellent guest package for all attendees (including complementary airport shuttle service). Double room accommodations are $149 per night ($128 for singles), including free buffet breakfast served during our entertaining breakfast seminar sessions. RSVP by calling Tempe Mission Palms, 800-547-8705 and mention this ConsimWorld event for these reduced rates, guaranteed through April 30.
  • A Who's Who List of Industry Personalities — We're just getting started, so expect to see this list grow! Game industry personalities scheduled to appear including Gene Billingsley, Christopher Cummins, Tony Curtis, Ken Dingley, Dean Essig, Mark Hinkle, Joseph Miranda, Michael Resch, Mark Simonitch, Jeff Tibbets, Vance von Borries, Ian Weir, Rick Young, Joe Youst, and many more!
  • A Truly Memorable Gaming Experience — How’s this for an awe-inspiring atmosphere? Here’s a sampling of the monster game titles you will be able to choose from and may see played, many of which are grand out-of-print classics! Rest assured that countless smaller titles will be played as well.

    1914: Twilight in the East (GMT), A Fearful Slaughter (MMP/The Gamers), A World at War (GMT), Advanced Squad Leader (MMP), AETO (DG), Ardennes '44 (GMT), Asia Engulfed (GMT), Atlantic Wall (SPI), Battles of the Age of Reason series (COA), Case Blue (MMP/The Gamers), DAK (MMP/Gamers), East Front Series (GMT), Empire in Arms (AH), Enemy at the Gates (MMP/Gamers), EuroFront II (Columbia), Europa Series (HMS/GRD), Europe Engulfed (GMT), Flat Top (AH/Battleline), Great Campaigns of the American Civil War (TAHGC/MMP), Guderian's Blitzkrieg II (MMP/Gamers), HASL Campaign (MMP), Highway to the Reich II (DG/SPI), Home Before The Leaves Fall (COA), June 6 (GMT), Korsun Pocket (PWG), La Bataille series (COA), Objective: Moscow (SPI), Operation Crusader (GDW), Operation Typhoon (SPI), Pacific War (Victory), Red Star Rising (MMP), Red Storm Over the Reich (CG), Storm of Steel (DG), Streets of Stalingrad (L2 Design), Summer Storm (COA), The Devil's Cauldron (MMP), The Killing Ground (NES), The Longest Day (AH), The Next War (SPI), Third World War series (GDW), This Hallowed Ground (MMP/The Gamers), This Terrible Sound (MMP/The Gamers), Three Days of Gettysburg (GMT), Totaler Krieg! (DG), Vietnam (Victory), Wacht Am Rhein II (DG/SPI), War Between the States II (DG/SPI), War in Europe (DG/SPI), War in the Pacific (DG/SPI), Wellington's Victory (SPI), World in Flames Deluxe (ADG), and many more!

If This Sounds Like a Slice of Gaming Heaven, That's Because It is!

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