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CSW Expo 2019 is the official annual event of ConsimWorld LLC. Please be sure to check-out these CSW services.

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CSW Expo 2019 featuring MonsterGame.CON XIX will be held June 22 - June 29, 2019 at the Tempe Mission Palms in beautiful Tempe, Arizona. What makes CSW Expo so special? Read the Overview to learn more! Please mark your calendars for this very special and memorable gaming experience -- online registration begins January 2019!

Registration for CSW Expo 2019 is NOW OPEN! For repeat visitors, please note we are using a new google form to collect registrations this year.


Boom! 200 Already Registered!

We've had record sign-up activity for Expo 2019! We have more than 200 registered including 34 first-time attendees. Be sure to check out our attendee roster and contact those individuals who share a similar gaming interest.

We also encourage everyone to make sure they get their Hotel Reservations made as space is going fast. We've also updated our Game Sign-up sheet and will be adding special events soon!


Record Sign-up Activity!

One! We have had incredible sign-up activity for CSW Expo 2019! We have 165 attendees registered, which includes 24 first-time attendees. Fantastic! Please check our our Attendee Roster page for a complete listing, along with email addresses which will come in handy once we get our Game Sign-up sheet posted so you can contact participants in advance.


CSW Expo Guest of Honor, Kevin Zucker

Kevin ZuckerCSW is pleased to announce their guest of honor for CSW Expo 2019, Kevin Zucker.

Many may know Kevin best from his many years as publisher of Operational Studies Group, including the game he may be best known for which launched a series of Napoleonic games, Napoleon at Bay. Kevin's designer credits track back to days with SPI in the 1970's (Napoleon's Last Battles Quadrigame), and he continues to publish today.

On behalf of CSW, we are pleased to welcome Kevin Zucker to our Expo event.

This is Kevin's first appearance at our event, so we look forward to rolling out the red carpet. Kevin also plans to host several seminar sessions during our venue.

Provided below are Kevin's design credits (list of publisher abbreviations follows).
Bloody Ridge (in Island War Quad), 1974, SPI
Napoleon’s Last Battles, 1975, SPI; reprint 1984, TSR; reprint 1995, DG
Napoleon at Bay, 1978, OSG; reprint 1983, AH; reprint 1997, OSG
Battles of the Hundred Days, 1979, OSG; reprint 1983, AH
Arcola, 1979, OSG; reprint (as Battle for  Italy), 1983, AH
Napoleon at Leipzig, 1979, OSG; reprint 1989, COA; reprint 1994, COA
Bonaparte in Italy, 1980, OSG; reprint 2000, OSG
Struggle of Nations, 1982, AH
1809: Napoleon on the Danube, 1984, VG
The Emperor Returns, 1986, COA
1807: The Eagles Turn East, 1994, COA
1806: Rossbach Avenged, 1998, OSG
La Guerre de l'Empereur (The Emperor's War) 1998, OSG
Last Days of the Grande Armée, 1999, OSG
Highway to the Kremlin, 2001, OSG
The Sun of Austerlitz, 2003, OSG
Seven Days of 1809, 2004, OSG
Four Lost Battles, 2005, OSG
Napoleon at the Crossroads, 2006, OSG
The Habit of Victory, 2007, OSG
The Coming Storm, 2010, OSG
The Last Success, 2012, OSG
Napoleon at Leipzig, 5th Edition, 2013
La Patrie en Danger, 2014
Napoleon Against Russia, 2015
Napoleon’s Last Gamble, 2016
Napoleon’s Quagmire, 2017
Napoleon’s Resurgence, 2018
The Solomons Naval Campaign, 1942
PQ17: The Knight’s Move—The Murmansk Convoys
The Battle of Britain
SPECIAL STUDIES (Historical Research Series) publ: OSG
1813: The Year That Doomed the Empire, 2007
1806: The Autumn of No Return, 2008
1807: Stalemate in the Snow, 2008
1807: Triumph Without Victory, 2008
1806: The Coming Storm, 2009
1809: A Fatal Necessity, 2012
1814: The Fall of Empire, 2016 (with Louis Bélanger)
Conflict Magazine, Founding Editor, 1971-72
Simulations Publications Inc., Production Managing Editor, 1973-76
Operational Studies Group, President & Founder, 1978-79 & 1997-present
The Avalon Hill Game Company, Staff Designer, 1980-81
Graphic Designer, Game Maps, (various publishers) 1984-87
AH. The Avalon Hill Game Co.
COA. Clash of Arms Games
DG. Decision Games
OSG. Operational Studies Group
SPI. Simulations Publications Inc.
TSR. Tactical Studies Rules
VG. Victory Games

What is CSW Expo Like?

We are privileged to typically welcome 30-40 newcomers each year to CSW Expo. For a taste of what CSW Expo is all about, check out this great video by Stuka Joe that covers his first visit to CSW Expo 2018.

Like what you see? We hope so, and we will be thrilled to welcome you as one of our Newcomers as we come together to celebrate the hobby. We also hold a special newcomer session to help everyone get acclimated to the event. There is no better time than now to register for the Full Expo and earn your FREE shirt!


CSW Expo 2019 Registration is Now Open!

Thanks to all for your patience as we have now officially launched online registration for CSW Expo 2019!

We look forward to an exciting event as always, as we enter our 19th year, June 21-29, 2019.

Here are some helpful tips to help you get started by registering today. Be sure to complete the following steps.

  1. Submit your online registration form.
  2. Submit payment online or send payment by mail.
  3. Get excited for the gaming event of the year!

SPECIAL BONUS: By registering and submitting payment for the full expo ($100) before end of January, you will automatically receive your Expo shirt for free (a $15-18 value). Thanks again to all and we look forward to another exciting venue to celebrate the hobby!

Note: You can always change your game sign-ups later, so don't worry if you are not 100% sure what you are looking forward to play.