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CSW Expo 2017 is the official annual event of ConsimWorld LLC. Please be sure to check-out these CSW services.

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CSW Expo 2017 featuring MonsterGame.CON XVII will be held May 27 - June 3, 2017 at the Tempe Mission Palms in beautiful Tempe, Arizona. What makes CSW Expo so special? Read the Overview to learn more!

Online Registration is now open for CSW Expo 2017!


Expo Site Updates in the Works!

Behind-the-Scenes, we are busy at work updating the Expo site as more than 50 Registrations have been received thus far! We have our first big Expo site update coming later this week.

This will include the following news and updates:


  • Special recognition for "First Person to Register"
  • Guest of Honor Announcement
  • Initial update of Game Sign-ups page
  • Initial update of Registered Attendee page


Thanks again to all who registered early, and don't forget to register by January 31, 2017 to receive your Expo shirt for FREE!


Register Today for CSW Expo 2017!

The wait is registration for CSW Expo 2017 is now open! As an added bonus, all those who register early for the Full Expo Pass ($100) no later than January 31, 2017 will receive their Expo shirt for FREE!

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