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CSW Expo 2016 is the official annual event of ConsimWorld LLC. Please be sure to check-out these CSW services.

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CSW Expo 2009 Group Photo


CSW Expo 2016 featuring MonsterGame.CON XVI will be held June 25-July 2, 2016 at the Tempe Mission Palms in beautiful Tempe, Arizona. What makes CSW Expo so special? Read the Overview to learn more!

Register online today. Early-bird special offer! If you register for the full event ($100) and submit payment no later than February 5, 2016, you will receive your Expo shirt for FREE!



ETO Update from Victory Point Games

Alan Emrich just chimed in with a quick update on the BIG ETO playtest session scheduled for CSW Expo 2015. You can read the original news posting here.

This is shaping up to be quite incredible. The past several weeks have been very intense moving this ball forward and preparing for the big CSW Expo playtest. You will never have a shorter line-of-communication to the team bringing you a fascinating new wargame than you will have here, with the designer, developer, and publisher all standing with you before the game itself in motion! :D

You'll have fun for sure hanging out with a great old corps-level "panzer pusher" (ETO is an evolved, state-of-the-art evolution of the intrepid Battle for Moscow game system), all grown up with systems for HQs, air, naval, economics, and lots of great maps to campaign over (the total map size is about the same as War in Europe). We'll be taking sign-ups later on and more formally organizing the participants, but "drive by" generals wanting to try their hand are also welcome!


First to Register: Christopher Clark

Congratulations to Christopher Clark. He demonstrated superior initiative by being the first to officially register for CSW Expo 2015! As is customary, Christopher will be receiving a special door prize during our Monday night Welcome Reception. 

This is Christopher's first Expo event ... so we are pleased to celebrate having a newcomer joining the fold. He will be joining us from Coralville, Iowa, and we appreciate him making the trip out to experience this special gaming experience. His primary gaming preference is LA BATAILLE game system, followed by OCS Series and Battles from the Age of Reason series. He also has an interest in Musket & Pike (GMT), Great Battles of History, and Great Battles of the ACW. 

He beat out Jim Hambacher by 14 minutes. 

Chuck Soukop rounded out the field as our third to register. 

As a reminder to all, please do get your registration in asap -- especially by end of this month so you can take advantage of our FREE Expo shirt offer for all those who attend the entire event. The more folks we get booked earlier, the better chance for those seeking to garner interest for a particular game to be played.


Frank Chadwick's ETO series @ Expo 2015

Victory Point Games recently announced a massive playtest venue (befitting MonsterGame.CON) of Frank Chadwick's ETO series. Here is an excerpt with more details:

Work has picked up again on Frank Chadwick’s ETO in preparation for a massive playtest at this year’s ConsimWorld Expo in June. The designer has turned in all fifty-six (yes, 56!) maps which mate up to form a play area of roughly 10’ x 8.5’. Tim Allen will be doing the art for these and we hope to have some nice samples of his work to show at CSW Expo 2015Pictured above are Frank Chadwick, left, with developer Lance McMillan, over the "Northern Fire" playtest maps.

Also turned in is the entire ETO order of battle: land, air, and naval units (plus supporting markers). You can still see this game’s roots in Battle for Moscow and Frank Chadwick’s Campaigns in Russia, but with the latest refinements to the systems being developed by veteran Lance McMillan, an elegant land/air/sea game is emerging as a great “panzer pusher” that grognards will be able to pick up very quickly, and the smaller games will lend themselves to veteran wargames who want to introduce new players to the hobby. There are a lot of counters to make, and that relaxing assignment will go to publisher Alan Emrich.

Our goal is to have one heck of a playtest jam at CSW Expo 2015 where grognards and freely join in, shake out the game, and give their feedback directly to FrankLance, and Alan who will be attending and running this event. The proposed game series will be released as individual campaigns, but we want to make sure that everything will mate properly together when it’s all assembled, and that’s where this super-playtest week at CSW Expo will help.


Expo 2015 Registration Now Open!

We are pleased to announce that online registration for CSW Expo is now available! The first who completes their registration will earn a special door prize. We're looking forward to this, our 15th Anniversary event, featuring special guest, Mark Herman. We have some very special events in store that we will be announcing soon that will be sure to make this our greatest CSW Expo ever!

SPECIAL BONUS OFFER! Those who register for the Full Event and submit payment no later than January 31, 2015 will receive their Expo shirt for FREE.


CSW Expo 2015 Guest of Honor

We are already hard at work for CSW Expo 2015, scheduled for June 20-27, 2015. Online registration begins January 2015. We are pleased to announce that Mark Herman will be our Guest of Honor.

Mark Herman, Award-winning game designer


That's a Wrap, Folks!

We hope everyone enjoyed CSW Expo 2014! We've updated the site with our dates for 2015, and we will be providing more information and after-action reports from this year soon. Thanks to all for their support and attendance!


CSW Expo 2014 Floor Plan

We are excited to be kicking off our big event tomorrow! Here is the official floor plan (subject to change) for CSW Expo 2014. Additional open-gaming and daily tournament tables are located in the Ballroom Foyer area (not pictured). We look forward to a very exciting event...see you all soon!




CSW Expo Seminar Schedule

We've posted the seminar schedule for CSW Expo 2014. Simply click on the Special Events page to view seminars offered for each day (see tab at bottom of screen for each day). Please note that the more than 40 special gaming events scheduled have also been posted on our Game Sign-ups page.


Approaching 200 Attendee Milestone

As we close in on CSW Expo 2014, we are closing in on having 200 registered attendees. Thanks to all for signing up as we are less than two weeks out from the Big Event!


Official Countdown to Expo 2014!

With an early Saturday, May 24 start time -- CSW Expo 2014 is quickly approaching! I will be sending out information emails to all who have registered this weekend to help remind eveyrone to finalize their game selections and to also gather table requirement information. We will have yet another action-packed venue. I am also finalizing the seminar schedule at this time as well, and expect more sessions to be added as we approach the fortnight of the event.