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CSW Expo 2015 is the official annual event of ConsimWorld LLC. Please be sure to check-out these CSW services.

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CSW Expo 2009 Group Photo


CSW Expo 2016 featuring MonsterGame.CON XVI will be held June 25-July 2, 2016 at the Tempe Mission Palms in beautiful Tempe, Arizona. What makes CSW Expo so special? Read the Overview to learn more!

Online registration will begin January 2016.


That's a Wrap, Folks!

Wow, our 13th Annual Event has come and gone. I can't thank all our attendees enough for the incredible turnout this year. With 240+ attendees, we've hit a record turnout. There are many people to thank and many exciting things to share about CSW Expo 2014, so I will be sure to do that in a few days as I happily recuperate from a very memorable week with friends!


Closing in on 200 Registered Attendees

We are gearing up for another action-packed Expo with nearly 200 registered attendees. We've begun sending email updates to all registered attendees to finalize their game selections and prepare for the big event! Anyone who needs to update their game sign-ups can email me directly at Thanks!


Early Start Time on May 26 @ 1pm!

I'm pleased to announce that we were able to make arrangements with the hotel to have an early set-up for this year's Expo event. That means early game set-up for the Grand Ballroom can begin on Sunday, May 26 at 1pm. If you have flexibility in your travel schedule to arrive early, especially for monster game set-up, this is an excellent opportunity to get a huge head-start on getting your game play ready for the week! Official registration desk check-in is still slated for Monday afternoon, but you can enjoy setting up and playing games well before that time now!


Special Events Galore

We've updating our Special Events calendar for Expo 2013, so now you can view the many special venues slated for this year. Please take careful note of Monday's calendar, as we list all playtest and demo opportunities there as that is the first day they are offered. Most or nearly all of these playtest sessions are offered on a daily basis.

For those activities involving monster games, please consider signing up for them as participation is required in order to help lock down dedicated table space for these games at the beginning of the Expo. Now is a good time to start thinking about updating your game selections to help lock in any specific games you want to try your hand at.


Registrations Set a Record Pace!

My thanks to everyone for help us set a new record in terms of number of Expo registrations for the month of January. Our previous benchmark was achieving 93 sign-ups last January. That was our previous high record.

We now have a new record. We received 105 (!!) registrations this January, lapping our previous record by 12 additional sign-ups. Not shabby at all!

I invite you to check our Attendee and Game Sign-ups page to see how the initial game sign-ups are shaping up. It's great to also see some of our regulars returning who couldn't make it last year due to scheduling issues. We also have quite a few newcomers signed-up as well. We are obviously on a record page for 2013 Attendance. Thank you all again for your support!


Initial Game Sign-ups

We've now posted the initial Game Sign-ups page. Of course, many more sign-ups are to come soon. Shortly, we will be updating our Special Events page as well which includes numerous tournaments.


Early Registrations

We've just launched our Attendees Page so you can get a quick snapshot of who has registered early thus far for CSW Expo 2013. We are working on the all-important Game Sign-ups page now and it will be up shortly! And a reminder for all, those who register for the Full Expo event and get payment in by end of January will automatically qualify for their free Expo shirt!


Online Hotel Booking Code

We've just updated our Event Site Page with the online booking code. In fact, you can just go here to place your online room reservation.


Previous Expo Game Sign-ups

We've gone ahead and provided links to the official Game Sign-up sheet from Expo 2012 and Expo 2011 so you can reference what games were played the past two years. You will find this on our Game Sign-ups page. We will be posting the initial registrations and game sign-ups this weekend! Also, we expect to have the online group discount code to place hotel reservations tomorrow (Friday).


Enhancements for Expo 2013

I'd like to share with you all what we plan to focus on in terms of changes or enhancements for CSW Expo 2013. The list here is based on my critique as well as attendee feedback. I think this will translate to a very positive and even better Expo experience!

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