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CSW Expo 2017 is the official annual event of ConsimWorld LLC. Please be sure to check-out these CSW services.

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CSW Expo 2017 featuring MonsterGame.CON XVII will be held May 27 - June 3, 2017 at the Tempe Mission Palms in beautiful Tempe, Arizona. What makes CSW Expo so special? Read the Overview to learn more!

Online Registration is now open for CSW Expo 2017! Be sure to register for your Full Expo Pass by January 31 to receive your FREE Expo shirt!


Approaching 200 Attendee Milestone

As we close in on CSW Expo 2014, we are closing in on having 200 registered attendees. Thanks to all for signing up as we are less than two weeks out from the Big Event!


Official Countdown to Expo 2014!

With an early Saturday, May 24 start time -- CSW Expo 2014 is quickly approaching! I will be sending out information emails to all who have registered this weekend to help remind eveyrone to finalize their game selections and to also gather table requirement information. We will have yet another action-packed venue. I am also finalizing the seminar schedule at this time as well, and expect more sessions to be added as we approach the fortnight of the event.


Approaching 140 Registered Attendees!

We're on pace for another record-breaking year of attendance for 2014! Just a heads-up that we've updated both the Attendee and Game Sign-ups page today.  Also, I've added a new "third" tab to the bottom of the Game Sign-ups page that lists all special/featured game sessions. We have some 25+ events already in the books, many hosted by game publishers and/or designers. Shortly, we'll be getting our seminar schedule posted as well.


Game Sign-ups Now Listed!

The official Game Sign up page is now available for viewing. We now have more than 100 registered attendees, as we are shaping up for another banner year of record attendance. We will now be adding many special events over the next few days as stay tuned! We will announce when our Events page is updated.


66 Attendees Already Registered!

We're pleased to report that we have a nice big grouping of folks who have registered early, 66 in all to date. We have our Attendee Page now online if you want to check out whose officially registered already. We will have the Game Sign-ups page done shortly and will announce when it's available as well. We're pleased to see 8 newcomers already signed-up, and don't forget that you get your FREE Expo shirt if you register and pay for your Full Expo Pass before end of January! [Register Today]


First to Register

Barry SetserCongrats to Barry Setser of Millersville, Maryland. He was the first person to register for CSW Expo 2014, as he beat out Ian Schofield by an entire 8 minutes (sorry, Ian!). Barry has developed quite the reputation for being the first to register for this event, so in may ways, he has defended his crown yet again! He'll be getting a very special door prize, on us.

What will Barry be looking forward to playing? He really likes alternative history games, so I suspect he will be looking to play some sort of game that has to do with America getting invaded! Stay tuned to find out more once we get our initial Game Sign-ups page posted (this weekend).

We look forward to welcoming Barry back to the event, as we anticipate a record turnout this year! So far, 13 registrants have been received, and make sure you don't delay as we offer a free Expo shirt ($15+ value) to those who register for the Full Expo and submit payment by end of January!


CSW Expo 2014 Online Registration Now Open!

We are pleased to announce the official launch of our CSW Expo 2014 site. Registration is now open!

Please allow us a few pages to update the Attendee and Game Sign-ups page as we will wait a few days in order to process initial registrations. Also, we will be posting our Special Events for 2014 in the near future. If you would like to host a special event, please complete our Special Events Form.

As a reminder, anyone who registers and submits payment for the Full Expo Pass ($100) before end of January will receive their Expo shirt for FREE! 

We are very excited about our venue for 2014 and anticipate this will be our biggest CSW Expo event ever! We are also be soon announcing that we have secured major publsher sponsors for CSW Expo 2014 as well...look for an announcement on this coming soon!


That's a Wrap, Folks!

Wow, our 13th Annual Event has come and gone. I can't thank all our attendees enough for the incredible turnout this year. With 240+ attendees, we've hit a record turnout. There are many people to thank and many exciting things to share about CSW Expo 2014, so I will be sure to do that in a few days as I happily recuperate from a very memorable week with friends!


Closing in on 200 Registered Attendees

We are gearing up for another action-packed Expo with nearly 200 registered attendees. We've begun sending email updates to all registered attendees to finalize their game selections and prepare for the big event! Anyone who needs to update their game sign-ups can email me directly at Thanks!


Early Start Time on May 26 @ 1pm!

I'm pleased to announce that we were able to make arrangements with the hotel to have an early set-up for this year's Expo event. That means early game set-up for the Grand Ballroom can begin on Sunday, May 26 at 1pm. If you have flexibility in your travel schedule to arrive early, especially for monster game set-up, this is an excellent opportunity to get a huge head-start on getting your game play ready for the week! Official registration desk check-in is still slated for Monday afternoon, but you can enjoy setting up and playing games well before that time now!